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We have just had a very good dinner at a Mexican restaurant in College Station called Abuelo's (that means Grandfather's, right?). I assume it's a chain (yes, it is) but at least it was a pretty good one. They also had very good margaritas - I only had one, but it was strong and I am feeling rather mellow.

A whole bunch of relatives turned up this afternoon, most of whom I hadn't seen in several years. They were the "old people" of my family, meaning my grandparents' generation. My grandfather was the oldest of 5 children, and (a little oddly) although his brothers and sisters have all been dead for a number of years now, several of their spouses are still alive, and have remarried, some of them. I think they are all in their 80s, or at least very close to it, but they are hanging in there. (I don't think that any of my great-aunts and uncles married people significantly younger than themselves, that's why I think it's a little strange. That may be a bad sign for my own longevity, mightn't it?)

One little note from the road: on highway 290 coming out of Houston, they have painted these blue circles on the shoulder every half a mile or so, with a hurricane symbol in the middle. I can only guess that that is supposed to signify that it is an evacuation route - but honestly, I don't think anybody who doesn't have the wit to figure out for themselves what the evacuation routes are is going to figure it out from that sign. The water is south and east from Houston - so to evacuate you go north, or west. I wonder how much money they spent painting all those symbols on the side of the road.
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