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I had to go look at my past few entries to see when I last updated and what I said, it's been so long. I had completely forgotten that I had written that entry about my mother. I was bored while we were waiting and I wrote that on a pad I had in my purse. Although the waiting wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be, really - or not most of it. Toward the end I started worrying because it had been so long. But Art (my mother's, uh, partner? boyfriend? - or just "friend" as my mother is given to saying) was there, and we watched Monday night football and talked to the other people who were waiting - not many of them, that late at night - and talked to my sister and my aunt until the batteries were going dead on the phone.

She did look very bad when they brought her out, but by the time I got there the next morning, she was sitting up eating breakfast and seeming fine. She got out of ICU later on Tuesday, and out of the hospital on Wednesday. She still hasn't gotten any definitive results back, but the neurologist is sending her back up to MD Anderson (that's the cancer hospital in Houston, if you're not familiar with it) so I think that speaks for itself to some extent.

We had tickets to go to the big quilt show in Houston on Thursday and Saturday. Mom didn't think she would feel like going on Thursday, not surprisingly, but she did go on Saturday and she did fine. We stayed for quite a long time, come to that. (She likes to shop, that may have something to do with it.) On Thursday she gave her ticket to my aunt, and she and I went around and looked at exhibits most of the day that day. I took a ton of pictures, and they're in my Webshots album (user name mel77c) if that interests you!

This has really been a fairly difficult couple of weeks, and it's probably not over yet. I hope she doesn't have to have radiation or chemo, but that sounds like a definite possibility. She has been really amazing about the whole thing, though - I don't think most people would have handled it nearly that well.
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