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Alessa's Luxon armor
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

So here's my other set of new armor, for Alessa the warrior. This is only "1.5k" armor where Rima's is 15k - in other words, it was a lot cheaper. I might have gotten her 15k armor too, except that there wasn't any that I really liked that much. But I did like this one - the combination of spiky things and fringe is sort of interesting. (This is Luxon armor, where Rima's is Kurzick. The Luxons and the Kurzicks are the two warring "factions" in GuildWars Factions. They won't talk to you if you get too friendly with the other side - but luckily they don't seem to care if you're wearing the other side's armor.)

Col has been in to play GuildWars for a little while the last two nights, by the way. It sounds like they're working him pretty hard. (I tend to think of conventions as something you shouldn't really have to work at, but I suppose that somebody has to do the work, even there.)

I meant to say in the last entry that we had the world's most beautiful sunset yesterday - the most beautiful one I've ever seen anyway. It rained during the afternoon - I guess it was a cold front - and I happened to come out of the store right at sunset to find a double rainbow on one side of the sky and a gold sunset on the other. I mean, really shiny yellow gold. It was gorgeous.

Landry's selling Joe's Crab Shacks. Apparently they're too "downscale" for Landry's these days. Although there haven't been any waiters dancing on the table the last few times I've been in.

Aw, Bevo died. (Not the current one but the one before.) He was 22 years old. Is it unusual for cattle to live that long? Of course he didn't have to worry about becoming steaks like most of them do - not unless some Aggie prankster got hold of him anyway - but still, that seems pretty old for a cow.

(I know, I know, he's a steer, not a cow. Don't bother me with these details!)

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