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Not surprisingly, I do better when I work on my journal entries throughout the day, as I've mostly been doing up till now, rather than when I wait til late at night, when I can't think of anything to talk about except GuildWars. I'm not gonna talk about GuildWars, though. Instead you get another entry full of odds & ends.

Here's one question: Is it getting really hard to sell magazine subscriptions? I got an offer for a year of Time and Fortune, both for $20. 56 issues of Time and 25 issues of Fortune. Jesus. I was tempted, but the fact is, I don't seem to read magazines any more. The only ones I still get are quilting magazines and I have trouble getting around to reading those. We get Entertainment Weekly still, because Rob reads it - I used to read those, too, but I rarely seem to get around to that any more either. I sure don't need 80-odd issues of Time and Fortune adding to the clutter in my house.

One of my co-workers brought a copy of Us to work, and one of the cover stories (along with a Britney story and a Reese story) is "NICOLE GAINS 10 POUNDS" - my first thought was that it was Nicole Kidman they were talking about. But no, it was Nicole Richey, who god knows needed to gain some weight, but I am still somewhat mystified by the fact that 10 pounds on anybody constitutes a front-cover story. I really probably should give up talking about things like that - I clearly just do not understand celebrity culture. I probably am never going to understand celebrity culture. I should just accept that and move on. (Don't worry, I won't. That would be very unlike me.)

I really need to quit playing GuildWars so much and do some housework. I got to digging tonight and found my missing pair of glasses (an old pair that I use as a spare) under a pile of papers. I also found my missing cell phone bill. That could be important.

I still have to finish reading the manual for the new cell phone, because it rang for the first time today and the ring-tone is really appalling. I tried the intuitive approach to figuring it out and no dice.

Oh, also, the person who I mentioned in passing gave me an earworm naturally managed to find me talking about that, even though that entry was not linked on Holidailies and I didn't link to her journal. (Actually I should have linked to it, anyway. It's not her fault she gave me an earworm. It just didn't occur to me at the time.)
It never fails. If you talk about somebody, even in an out-of-the-way place and even if it's in the most nondescript way, they are gonna find it. That's just one of the facts of life.

Holidailies gold

Date: 2006-12-14 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am getting too literally minded. I read "I got to digging tonight and found my missing pair of glasses" and thought: "Wow! That must be some sturdy glasses! I HAVE found tea spoons, knives and even a vegetable peeler when digging the compost heap, that have been still usable after some time in ground, but GLASSES!"

Date: 2006-12-14 05:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Actually, they are extremely sturdy - they might even survive a compost heap. They don't look like they would be - there's nothing much there but lenses and some wire - but whatever magical polymers and alloys they're using these days to make such things are darn near indestructible.


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