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Rob & Jake
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You may have noticed that you are getting the Christmas pictures at the rate of one a day. This is my way of dragging things out so that I can write about Christmas for a week. Although actually I don't have that much more to say about Christmas, it was fairly uneventful.

The only story behind the picture is that Jake, my aunt's terrier, apparently thinks that anybody who sits on the floor is there to play with him. I was watching Miracle on 34th Street in the sewing room, where there is only one chair, so Rob came in and sat down on the floor. Jake, naturally, took this as an invitation. (If you click over to flickr, there are a couple more pictures that go with this one. I think they are pretty comical as a set.)

(Oh, also, there are a lot more Christmas pictures than are public on flickr, but if I have you marked as a friend, you can see them. I am sort of random about the distinction between "friends" and "contacts" though, sometimes, so if you're on my contacts list and you still can't see them - and you care - let me know in comments and I'll fix that. Or if you're not on the contacts list at all and you want to be.)

I need to call my Dad and I've been avoiding it (for no good reason except that I'm lazy and a hermit at heart) and now it's too late to do it tonight. We were supposed to do something "the end of this week" - which is now really soon, one way or the other. He lives nearly a two hour drive away, on the other side of Houston, and I am really bad about avoiding driving up there. But I need to do it. I haven't seen him in ages.

You know, I sort of made a big deal in my mind about going up to Bryan for a "family Christmas" - because that was what it seemed like in my mind - but I completely failed to process the fact that nobody in my immediate family was there - the immediate family I grew up with, I mean. Rob was, of course, but my mother, father and sister weren't. Which is a little odd. Paula and my mother were invited, of course - Paula chose not to come, for whatever reason, and my mother couldn't. And my dad is not routinely invited since he and my mother got divorced, of course, since this is my mother's side of the family we're talking about. (Although he did come once, a few years back, when he was at a loose end between wife #2 and wife #3.)

(For those of you who haven't been following along with the saga of my sister, she is recently divorced and, well, more than a bit flaky these days. She has not been to any family thing since she left her husband, so I have stopped even asking why.)

Apparently I had more to say about Christmas than I thought!

Holidailies gold


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