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Have I talked about how the weather has sucked lately? It's either been cold - which is okay - or cold AND rainy, which is not. And lately it's mostly been the latter. Sunday when we came out of the movie the sun was out and we were like, Huh? What is this? Because we hadn't seen sunshine in I-don't-know-how-long.

[ profile] columbina asn't around yesterday (I'm guessing that this may have had to do with spousal birthdays) and I was sort of bored since he wasn't there to play with and nothing much was going on in the guild that interested me, so I came up with a new project: getting really really expensive armor to my dervish. (Vabbian armor, to be exact, which looks very much like this outfit from one of the early previews.) It costs 5 platinum for each piece, but the bad part is the crafting items you have to have: cloth, plus a certain kind of leather, plus rubies plus sapphires. Now rubies and sapphires don't quite cost what they cost in the real world, but they are currently running at over 4 platinum each, and you have to have up to six of them for each piece. I already had one of each that I'd acquired somewhere along the line, though, and last night I sold some stuff I'd been hoarding (not even all of my good stuff) and bought three more of each, giving me a total of 4 each. I have enough cloth, and almost enough Elonian leather for the whole thing, so I have all the stuff to buy one piece, at least, but since it doesn't match the armor I've currently got at all, by any stretch of the imagination, I'm going to wait til I have enough to at least buy the 4 basic pieces. (I usually hide my headgear anyway, so there's no rush to make that match.) I just will have to go somewhere and farm to get some more money. (I might could buy everything I need from my existing cash hoard, if I cared to, but I dunno, this is a silly luxury item - it doesn't get you any additional stats or anything at all in game terms - and I feel like I ought to do a little extra work for it if I really want it.)

This picture is the last really expensive armor I got - Rima the elementalist's 15k Kurzick armor, which those of you who pay attention to these things may remember seeing before. It's just changed color.)

Kurzick 15k elementalist armor
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