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I paid no money down on the car, partly because I apparently am going to have to pay something to the estate lawyer on Wednesday.  (Or maybe not, but he said something about a check in the letter he sent, and I want to have enough money to pay him if I actually need to!) In any case, we are about to start moving forward on this and that's something I definitely want to do. I want to get this mess over with as soon as possible.

Wednesday is shaping up to be a fabulous day. Before I go to the meeting with the lawyer, I have to go get the original will out of the safety deposit box and get some papers from Art. (Which I'm going to have to call him tomorrow and ask him to gather up, 'cause I won't have time to do it myself. Anyway, he knows where everything is and I don't.) Then possibly a TWO-HOUR meeting with the lawyer. Oh joy. Then after that I get to go up to the funeral home (which is way up in Houston) and retrieve my mother's ashes. THEN after that I go back by Carmax and sign more papers. And then I'll probably have to go to the lawyer's on the way back and take them copies of the death certificate, I'm sure. Like I've been saying, the fun never ends.


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