Labor Day

Sep. 6th, 2004 08:18 pm
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We went & had dinner at Kelley's Country Cookin' (great name, ain't it?) - we used to eat there all the time but we don't eat out at the drop of a hat like we used to. Well, at least, Rob doesn't; I still do way too much eating out at lunch. I'm going to have to behave for the next two weeks because we're broke as all hell. We cheated tonight and charged it but we can't keep doing that. Anyway, I only have two work days this week so I have limited opportunities to eat out. I'm off Thursday and Friday, yay!

We went to Dillard's after dinner and got a gift certificate for my sister's birthday, since I didn't know what the heck else to get her. We also bought Rob a pair of Timberlands that were 50% off to wear to work. He's been wearing a pair of Earth Shoes that we bought at Target for a year or so and they were pitiful. I hadn't been paying attention or I would have made him get new ones sooner.

I might ought to start thinking seriously about packing a little bit. We're going to a four-day quilt retreat, and if you're going to sew, it involves taking a good bit of stuff. (Every year my mother's boyfriend says, "Why don't you just stay here and sew for four days? It'd be a lot less trouble.") And we have to get off fairly early Thursday morning, partly because my mother is a person who likes to have a schedule and it'll make her crazy if I'm very late, and also because we're going to have lunch with my sister on the way up. Her birthday is next week and we didn't think we'd have another chance before then.


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