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I slept until my alarm went off at 7 this morning, which has become unusual lately. Of course, since I'm technically supposed to be at work at 7:30 these days, I really ought to be setting it a bit earlier than that anyway! In any case, the extra sleep was nice, and I imagine next week when[personal profile] columbinastarts the new job, we will quit playing AutoAssault quite as late and that will help me get to bed a little earlier.

We are (probably needless to say) having a lot of fun with AutoAssault. It's really different from GuildWars - it's a bit more violent, in that well, you run over people from time to time, and there is blood, but it's still not violent on the scale of something like Grand Theft Auto (which I don't approve of, at all, actually - at least, certainly not for kids). GuildWars has no blood even when you kill things - it's a pretty PG-rated game, on the whole. Anyway, my 14-day trial on AA is running out, and in any case, had a level-20 cap on it which I have now run into with one of my characters, so I went ahead and paid this morning. AutoAssault has 3 races in its little postapocalyptic world - humans, mutants, and "biomeks" - which are sort of like cyborgs, human-machine hybrid-y things. The three races don't interact at all until way up in the game (and then they fight, not cooperate), so humans can only play with humans, and so forth. I made one of each race, but it's the mutants - green skin, glowy eyes & all - that Col & I have been playing a lot, and which got to level 20 the other night. Col had played in the beta, and had reactivated his human char from the beta recently and she is really high up there level-wise, so we are not playing our humans together, like we are with the mutants and (occasionally) the biomeks. I have played enough when Col is not around, though, that my human (who's a "commando" - like a warrior) would have run into the level cap with the trial fairly soon, too.

Oh, I had my evaluation yesterday, and it was good, and I got a small raise. We talked about me taking on more responsibility, too, which hopefully will eventually lead to a bigger raise.

Still no word on the court date, dammit. (I'm tempted to call and yell at the lawyer about it, but I don't think it'd do any good. The Harris County Probate Court moves in its own time.)

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