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Fifty-something bald man in front of us in the check-out line: "I used to be a bag boy. Made lots of tips.... met lots of chicks, too! (Significantly:) LOTS of chicks."

Who knew that being a bag boy was the way to score?

Long day today. Work was busy enough, and then I had to fit estate things into the pauses. Chase in their infinite wisdom failed to set up the estate account correctly - they didn't link the checking account to the savings account, despite assuring me that money would "flow" from the latter to the former as needed. So guess what, we have bounced checks. The accounts are now linked properly, I'm told, but on the whole I am not real happy with Chase. Even moreso than I was before.

Also, the realtor informs me that the brick facade around the front door is coming loose and is potentially dangerous. This is not actually my responsibility; the exteriors of the townhouses are taken care of by the townhouse association. However, this means I have to intervene in order to prod someone into action. Besides the question of actual danger, well, loose bricks are not a selling point. Actually I have been told that we are due for a "updating" of the townhouse front - my understanding is that they are intending to replace the stucco and brick surround with something like hardy plank. Not really what I'd choose, but I guess it will be an improvement on cracked stucco. So now I just have to persuade them that they need to go ahead and do the work NOW. Let's hope they will be swayed by the vision of liability for bricks falling on somebody's head.


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