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This has been a very long day. Tomorrow and Monday will probably be just as long. We packed up most of the kitchen this morning, in various boxes destined either for our new home or for Goodwill; then after lunch we met my aunt (and her 94-year-old father) at my mom's house, so that we could let her into the shed to get my mother's old bike. I know my mother would be happy that somebody is riding it; I certainly wouldn't. Bikes and I just don't seem to get along for some reason. Then after they left a teacher friend of my mother's came by to get some plates that she had painted from Mom - she is buying them back from us. That should make Paula happy. It's practically the only thing in the estate that's turned out to have much in the way of resale value. (There are a couple of larger items that I am thinking of taking down to the place that does ebay auctions for you - I guess it's Snappy Auctions - not so much because I think that the items are incredibly valuable as because I am curious to see how those places work. I know I wouldn't want to have to deal with mailing those items myself!) We brought Mom's computer back this afternoon so that the movers wouldn't have to deal with that. I think this computer is staying here until time for the cable man to come on Tuesday morning. Cause you know me, I can't bear to be without any internet at all.

Tomorrow - lots of last-minute packing of everything in sight, in order to be ready when the movers come on Monday. The actual move is expected to take about six hours, since it's a two-parter (old apartment to new apartment and then Mom's house to new apartment on top of that). Big fun. But then the worst should be over with, we hope. Less than 48 hours until we're moved!


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