Oct. 29th, 2007 12:57 pm
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I did get some GuildWars in this weekend - not a lot, but some - and what I found was that I loathe playing games on that computer, and incidentally that I also hate playing at my mom's nice computer desk. The slide-out keyboard is too low, the desk itself is too high, so there's noplace that's at the right height to suit me. Which is ok, in the end, because both of those will be Rob's when the new computer gets here, and I can go back to playing on the little piece o'crap desk which is the only remaining piece of furniture that Rob had before we got married. It's not a bad little desk, actually, except that it needs refinishing, and more importantly it is starting to develop a crack across the top, probably from me pounding on it all the time! (But hopefully it won't fall apart completely any time soon - especially once it has my shiny new monitor on it!)

I didn't really want a laptop, incidentally. I know a lot of people love theirs, but I like playing at a desk. I have enough back and hip trouble without trying to play GuildWars on my lap.

I think I'm going to try plugging the old Dell in at the desk where the Compaq is, just to see what happens. I've already tried it in two different wall sockets, so I don't think that's the problem... but just in case. It's too late to cancel the new computer, even if it decided to work - but at least if it was to boot up, I could get my data off of it! (I have a save of everything crucial that's only 10 days old or so... but I would like to have some of the non-crucial things I didn't think of - like all my GW builds!)
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