Nov. 2nd, 2007 06:09 am
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I don't like it when I wake up early, and I've been doing it all the damn time lately. It's now 6am and I have already made coffee and downloaded printer drivers, for chrissakes. My mother would laugh if she could see this. She was always a morning person and I emphatically was not. I don't generally worry about turning into my mother the way a lot of people do, because she and I were so different, but this one is definitely Mom-like. (Or maybe not as much as I think, because she not only woke up early, she woke up happy and chirpy as well, and I sure haven't gone that far yet.)

I downloaded a bunch more software last night - Trillian and useful stuff like that - and I am starting to feel more like this is actually my computer now - although I am still a bit in awe every time I look at this monitor. (It's a SyncMaster 2220WM, for those who that means anything to!) Photos look just gorgeous on it - although people look a little bit stretched on it. I'm sure there's a setting I can use to fix that, but I don't know what it is. Anybody got any ideas?

I usually have my coffee and breakfast after I get to work, but I already have my coffee, of course, and now I am thinking about breakfast. Hmm, toast or cereal? (I cheated yesterday and had bacon, but there's no bacon in the house so that's not feasible right now anyway.) I have been eating Fiber One Honey Clusters lately - they are not like regular Fiber One but more like bran flakes with these little nut clusters interspersed. Pretty good, actually.

I only have to work until noon-ish today, yay! (I don't know how many hours I actually have so it might be a little past noon. Although I might as well go to work early again, anyway.) You may hear more from me later, at the rate I'm going!

Added (mostly for [personal profile] columbina the fledgling football fan): On the dominance of the Patriots

Date: 2007-11-02 02:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am not a football fan. I have one specific agenda. As soon as that agenda is achieved (or prevented), I will stop paying attention again.


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