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Well, I got home about 5:00, I think - I'm kind of confused about this whole time change business. I felt really exhausted when I got home but I'm starting to feel better now. I got to rest while Rob and I took turns talking to Comcast - again - this time his computer decided not to work. There must not be many people with two separate cable modems because the idea seems to confuse the hell out of people, even the Comcast people. (And we are not actually intending to keep it, as soon as we get a router and figure out how to set it up we can get rid of one modem.) Anyway, Comcast eventually sorted it out and all is well again.

I took close to 400 pictures at the quilt show, I think. I bought a new memory card on the way up there, because last year I ran out of space, and I'm sure I would have this time too - somewhere after 300 is where I ran out of room, as I recall. This one cost about what I paid for the last one, a couple of years ago, but it has 4 times as much space (2gb instead of 512k), so unless I go on some particularly picture-intensive trip I am set for life, I think. A few of the pictures are already up on Flickr, but not many yet. More to come, obviously. Oh, I also bought some lithium batteries at Best Buy when I bought the card, and they really worked as advertised - they never did run out, and normally I go through multiple sets of batteries. For the annual visit to the quilt show, at least, I think those batteries may have just become a staple.

I did meet the[profile] calicocatsgroup last night, and I met my aunt for lunch yesterday, but mostly I went around by myself. That really seems to confound some people. A lady tried to sweep me into her group for dinner, apparently thinking I couldn't possibly want to eat dinner by myself, but I was tired and I resisted being swept. I think I was getting a bit cranky by that time so it was probably for the best!


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