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I knew defensive driving was going to be boring, but... ugh. Painfully obvious, is what it is. Does it ever get to anything that a reasonably intelligent person isn't already going to know? I need to finish by the beginning of next week, too - but I guess that isn't too bad, really. I finished 3 chapters (out of 11) tonight, so if I keep doing a couple a day I will be fine.

I had the day off today, and on the whole it was not a terribly productive day. Except I did get rid of the dresser, and turn in the keys, and that stuff. The old apartment is no longer our problem. (God, the carpet was a mess. Luckily they are replacing it anyway, it's over 8 years old. That's ancient in apartment years.) I did some cleaning and unpacking but not as much as I would like to have done. I don't know why I think I'm magically going to turn into a consistently productive person overnight when I never have been before, though! I got through the move pretty well, at least. I guess I shouldn't expect miracles. And hey, I sorted my socks. That's pretty good, right? Plus, I've posted 70 quilt show pictures already. Thank god for high-speed internet.

I need to make sure with the move that I'm not getting behind(er) on paperwork things, too. I need to start thinking about year-end tax kind of things (that's a bigger concern than it's ever been for us before), and selling Mom's townhouse, and stuff like that. Things I've been avoiding thinking too much about. Moving was really good for that, it gave me something immediate that absolutely had to be done, and I could put off all this other stuff. I need to get back to real life, now.

Well, tomorrow I go back to work, anyway. That's real life.


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