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I was trolling around on Holidailies at Home, and I found somebody talking about how there's a hierarchy for who gets the handmade cards they send. I suspected that this was how it works. The higher up the family-and-friends ladder you are, the more likely you are to get a handmade card from your loved one. I mean, nobody really makes enough to send to everybody! (Well, I'm sure there's some crazy Martha-Stewart-wannabe somewhere who does, but the fact is that most people who make homemade cards only make a few.) I have only gotten a few handmade cards ever (in the last few years since making cards has become a mini-trend and then maybe lately a full-fledged trend, that is) and I have yet to get one from my co-workers who have been going to monthly cardmaking parties for a couple of years now.

More from H@H: Did you know there is an "online tour of homes" with nearly 400 participants? I had no idea.

Also, there are a lot of religious-themed blogs on Holidailies at Home, for some reason (or at least I happened to click on a lot of them - it's not like I was being really thorough in my exploration). People seem to join Holidailies in waves - when I first started reading it, it seemed to be mostly people from TUS and other old-skool journaler-types. Then there was the wave of BDSM people a few years back - some of them are still around - and then there was a big wave of NaBloPoMo people last year. And now I find all these religious people hiding in Holidailies at Home - they may have been there for years, for all I know, really, since I usually forget to check there. And for that matter, there could be more than I know over in the portal section as well, since I'm not an Official Reader this year and haven't been remembering to read on my own nearly as much. I sort of miss it, actually! Bear in mind that this is not meant to be pro or con regarding the presence of the religious, you understand. (Waves "hi" at those visiting.)

Hmm, possibly I am a little bit giddy again and should stop before I insult anybody further. (Assuming that they're insulted, which I hope not... ok, shutting up now.)

In unrelated news, a picture. My mom had a lot of ski-themed ornaments - she and my dad both really liked to ski. I didn't keep them all but I kept a few. This is one of my favorites:
(It's tiny, I would say 2" high or less.)

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Date: 2007-12-22 01:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Craft & Chat group at church consists of 4 of us who are crocheter/knitting/quilting type and the rest are scrapbooker/card makers. They make cards. And make cards. and make cards. They make ALL their holiday cards and make gifts that are boxes with cards are set for people to send out. They make cards to give as donations for charities. At this point, I would be totally sick of looking at cards!

Date: 2007-12-23 05:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, I know there are some people who make a lot - but most of them don't! And I can't even imagine doing that many. (I still may have a go at it next year - I have promised to go with my friends to their monthly cardmaking shindigs, so we will see what happens.)


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