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I am allegedly packing for our trip, but so far nothing much is getting done. I did put a bunch of pills into a pill bottle and do some stuff like that. Now I am wondering whether I put the pills in my luggage for the flight Tuesday (what if they get lost?) or carry it on (what if they ask me if I have prescriptions for all this crap? well, I do, of course, but I'm not dragging along every one of my 17 prescriptions* in a separate bottle just to prove it). Last night I got to worrying about everything that can go wrong with this trip: family fights, delayed flights (hey, that rhymes!) and other assorted catastrophes. If I ever go on another big trip this time of year, it may be to Aruba: at least you don't have to worry much about snowstorms!

I am watching a Boston Pops Christmas special on PBS. They had the Barenaked Ladies on; so far it's been a good mix of music and very entertaining, on the whole.

To my disgust, our local theater was not showing Sweeney Todd, so rather than drive 45 minutes to the nearest theater that was showing it, we went to see Charlie Wilson's War. And we both liked it a lot, it turned out, although I am not crazy about Tom Hanks generally and I pretty much actively dislike Julia Roberts. But then her character is basically not terribly likeable anyway, so that works out. And I have noticed lately that I do like Tom Hanks better when he's not playing traditional leading man roles - that is, he's actually the leading man in this movie, of course, but it's still not a traditional "leading man" sort of role, it's more like a character part, really. Anyway, if you're at all interested in American politics you should probably see this movie. I'm afraid its portrayal of how things work in Congress is all too correct, and it's not pretty.

I doubt that I will get a post up tomorrow unless I do it from my aunt's house. All you're likely to get from Vegas are phone posts, but I will undoubtedly have plenty to say to make up for it when I get back next weekend. Happy holidays to all!!

* No, I don't really have 17 prescriptions. But I have quite a few. Sinus pills, antidepressants, sleeping pills... god, I'm getting old. Also, the title of this entry is swiped from MST3K.

Here's a sort of holiday-themed quilt, for your entertainment:

Unknown IQF quilt, 2003

(Maker unknown, but I think it was shown at the 2003 International Quilt Festival. My mom took this picture.)

And another ornament - I think this one came from Crate and Barrel, as I recall:



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