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(Note: you will find no resolutions here. I don't do resolutions. Nope, this is about Zumanity.)

(Note #2: this is continued from here and here.)

We were still close to our hotel by lunch-time so we went back and changed clothes. I had been wearing a wool cardigan with a heavy t-shirt under it, and that was fine in the daytime, but I figured if we stayed out until after dark that I would be cold. And we weren't intending to come back until after the show, and Zumanity is all the way down at NY-NY, which we figured out was about a mile and a half away. So I put on a nicer top and my heavy coat, and put my gloves and fleece hat in my bag. Then we headed south. We rode the tram from TI to the Mirage – although it's not really very far, it's not like it's saving you a great deal of effort, really. We wandered around the Mirage just a bit, lost a bit of money in a slot machine, and then left. (I think we played the slots at least for a few minutes at every big casino we came to.)

We went on by Caesar's, figuring we'd come back later, and went on to Paris and ate lunch there. On the TUS trip we had eaten at "The Café" at Paris and I remembered I thought it was pretty good, so we ate there. I enjoyed it, again; Rob criticized his penne pasta but I noticed he still ate it all. After that we went on to the new Planet Hollywood. It's been redone extensively but I can't say I was all that impressed. It does look very different and there were a helluva lot more people there so I guess you'd have to call it a success, whether I like it or not.

So we wandered around New York-New York until it was reasonably close to time for the show. I didn't want to go too early and have to sit there for a year! Inside the theater, they sold expensive drinks with suggestive names. I forget what mine was, something about POM (with "Sex"-brand vodka, I believe) but whatever it was, it was tasty. Here's the thing about our seats: front row of the orchestra, on the very end. There was a row of loveseats in front of us but they weren't actually in front of us where we were sitting. The stage protrudes into the audience (rather phallic, no?) so we were actually behind the cast if they were out in front of the stage. That meant that we couldn't see and/or hear things from time to time, but we also had a better view of other things. Various cast members also wandered around the audience at times so if they came out on our side they walked right in front of us.

ad: zumanity 1

We found this ad in one of those magazines they leave in your hotel room – all of these people were in the cast we saw, at least I'm pretty sure of that. I wasn't quite sure about the sexy redhead, but Rob says it's the same girl. She walked right in front of us, and I mean right in front of us, maybe two feet away, but frankly, I wasn't looking at her face when she did!

The two, um, large women – who they introduced at the end as sisters – seemed to mostly be there as comic relief. I couldn't quite decide how I felt about that one. On the one hand, it's nice to see somebody of size there at all. On the other hand, well, comic relief. Not exactly taken seriously. But I don't mean to imply that they were the only comics there, they weren't. Actually the show as a whole was very funny, which I liked. I don't generally think of Cirque shows as being funny, but this one sure was.

(And the other person in the picture is the emcee, the one with salacious designs toward my husband!)

There's more to this story but it's getting long so we're having installments within the installments! Sorry.


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