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My numbering system is getting entirely too complicated.

continued from here, here, here, and here - and besides the “official” entries, there are various phone posts and things starting here)

So, Zumanity.

ad: zumanity 2

This picture is one of the non-comic, non-naked performers – there were several of those. This girl wore the outfit you see here – basically a very, very sexy take on a Catholic schoolgirl uniform – and did this amazing act that was like a hula hoop act on steroids, partially in the air.

I don't really know what to say about Zumanity as a whole. It was pretty spectacular, in its way. Nearly-naked girls. One butt-nekkid guy, actually – with some showgirls standing right in front of the critical place at the critical time to keep them from violating some decency act or other. (We couldn't see the front view anyway – we had the rear view at the time, which was probably more fun. At least for me!) Two girls in g-strings swimming around in a sort of giant fishbowl, and doing gymnastics on the edge of it. Some great aerobatics and gymnastics, like the girl above. And as I said before, it was funny, which I didn't expect. It was also trying to make some serious points about sex and hangups and such, at the same time. Fat girls, midgets, drag queens, BDSM. There was a guy with a bullwhip close enough to us at one point to make us seriously nervous – they were interesting seats. And even Rob admitted that they were worth the $100 or so (each) that we paid for them, which for him is awfully high praise.

We had decided that we would take a cab back if we were too tired afterwards or it was too cold, but we ended up walking. We made a rather lengthy stop at Bellagio in search of food. We split a chicken and provolone pita at what Bellagio calls a snack bar – at that price, I would hardly consider it a snack, but it was good.

ad: The Bank

(This place was next door to the snack bar. I don't guess it was officially open yet, but there were still all these scary-looking guys outside. I hope to god they were the bouncers.)

And by the time we got "home" I had my coat buttoned all the way up to the neck and my hat and gloves on. The wind was gusting - luckily not very steadily - but I think the wind chill when it did was below freezing.


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