Sep. 26th, 2004

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I can't believe it's 11:00 Sunday night already. The weekend goes by so fast, dammit.

I drove up to the big HEB in Dickinson, for no better reason than that I needed groceries and I like that store. I spent a good bit of money, just mostly on odds and ends. Like they had the wine we make sangria with on sale (good old Riunite Lambrusco) so I bought two big bottles. And I bought stuff to take to work for lunches... stuff like that.

Something a little odd - I saw what I think was a blue heron beside the freeway across from HEB. Anyway, it was big and dark-colored and it was flying around near the freeway. It's a little further inland than you usually see waterbirds, but then again it's not that far inland.

The Astros won today - they're only a game and a half back for the wildcard. There's exactly a week to go. For that matter, the Astros are off tomorrow, so they only have six games left. At least they're in it right down to the wire.
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I forgot to mention that we have been completely awash in bikers all weekend, because of this thing. It's kind of fun having them around, on the whole - they're certainly more colorful than your average tourist - but my god are they noisy. Since I don't have a functioning air conditioner in my car I generally drive around with the windows open, and I thought they were gonna split my eardrums a couple of times. I gather making your engine quieter is not a big priority with the Harley-riding set.


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