Nov. 2nd, 2004

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8pm - My mom is having surgery right now. She is having a craniotomy - basically, a biopsy of her brain. She had a seizure a week ago. At first they thought she had had a stroke, but it turned out that she didn't.

She couldn't have any food or anything to drink all day - since midnight last night - and they didn't even take her up to surgery until almost 6:30 tonight. That was partly because the neurosurgeon wasn't happy with her MRI and wanted another one (I don't guess you can argue with that!) and then she had to wait for him to finish with another patient. I have about used up all the battery power on my cel phone talking to my sister and my aunt. My sister was here all weekend, but she needed to be back in Austin today so she didn't stay. She left when it was time for Mom to come to the hospital. She said it was really hard to leave, but she did the right thing because unless she was going to stay until tomorrow she wouldn't have gotten to stay long enough for anything to happen anyway. (Austin is about a 4-hour drive from here.)

We asked the neurosurgeon if they would know anything tonight and he said no, absolutely not. He said that they would probably send the sample (or part of it) off to Harvard to be analyzed.

(Later) She got out of surgery at 10:20. Over 2 and a half hours. Jesus. They said it went fine, but I saw her when they wheeled her down the hall a few minutes ago and she didn't look too good. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised at that, though!


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