May. 14th, 2005


May. 14th, 2005 01:47 am
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So I have spent most of the last thirty hours or so discovering the goodness that is Flickr. (Which is here for those of you who have not tried it out yet.) I spent all week whining about how Hello wasn't working and what was I going to do, and I decided to look at Flickr even though I didn't even know whether they had a Hello-like (i.e., photo-posting) feature, and they do, and it's as easy or possibly easier than Hello and you don't even have to download anything. So phooey on Hello, I have a new toy instead.

And you people who beat me to it (I know for sure that Nita is one) need to tell me what I haven't found yet. I saw something about a chat feature but I definitely haven't figured out where that comes into it yet. Possibly it's better if I don't! I figured out uploading and sets and favorites and tagging - I think - and I searched around for quilt pictures and found quite a few.... Some really beautiful ones, too.

And it's almost 2 in the morning and I think I'd better go to bed. I've had two Benadryl and I'm getting very loopy.

There's been a discussion on TUS this week about the evilness of Livejournal, or something to that effect. You're certainly welcome to hate it if you like (but if you do what are you doing reading this?)

See? Loopy. Goodnight.


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