Jun. 3rd, 2005

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I repotted a tree earlier! Well, not technically a tree - it's a plumeria, but the thing is almost as big as a tree, seriously. I moved it into my second-biggest pot, which had the remains of a dead rosebush in it, as well as some (live) garlic chives and some seriously-thriving Mexican petunias that my mother gave me a couple of years ago. I could see why they were thriving, too - their root system had taken over this whole huge pot. No wonder the rose died. So I pulled most of the petunias out and put them in a different pot, and dug and dug until there was room to put the plumeria's root-ball in there. The plumeria also had some really thriving roots, especially considering that the pot it had been in up to today was not very big at all. I bought it last year at a plumeria show that my mom dragged me to - it cost $10, which I thought was a lot for what was a little twig, practically, at the time. But my oh my, it has grown. Now if the damn thing would just bloom, I will be happy.

I repotted some other stuff, too, but I'm having trouble remembering now what it was, other than the geranium and the jasmine that I bought the other day. I had bought another lantana, too, but I couldn't find a pot the right size so I left it where it was. An awful lot of my pots are full of seedlings right now. I am going to have to pull the seed packets out and see if I can figure out what seedlings are what, because I have no clue what I planted where. Typical of me! I think I had four different kinds of seeds and there are at least three different kinds of seedlings coming up, so that's not bad. I have not had terribly good luck with seedlings in the past. I suspect that they tend to need more babying than my plants normally get. (I think the seeds were butterfly weed, some kind of flowering tobacco, salvia, and... something else.)

I am leaving for Michigan in 30 hours or so, but am I thinking about that? No, I'm thinking about my damn plants. I am gonna have to think about it tomorrow, though.


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