Jul. 11th, 2006

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TOGgers & their dragon masks
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I posted that whole long GuildWars entry the other day and didn't include a picture - I consider that falling down on the job. (You would be better off clicking over to the big version of of this if you're really interested at all, because the small versions tend to be really muddy.) Anyway, this is some of our guild members in their dragon masks. My character is towards the right, with the red mask and the purple fringey thing and the tattoos.* Columbine is not in the picture because he thinks photo ops are boring, and he is usually quite right, but this one was not. This one was quite entertaining. I don't know if it was the masks making everybody a little goofy or what, but everything ended up like this. (Everybody around us was wanting to join our guild, since we were obviously the fun party people! but most of them weren't old enough. You have to be 25+, which makes us very much the minority around there.)

*Ritualists have tattoos. Lots of them. Tattoos are optional in some cases - like the monk in the bikini, there. For monks, the tattoos are a form of armor, and you can put them on and take them off - which is rather odd when you think too much about it, but that's how it works. (My monk has scalp tattoos but no others so far.) But with ritualists, the tattoos come with the character - very elaborate ones, around her waist, her feet and her hands. I'm just glad I didn't have to be there to get them! :)


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