Jul. 28th, 2006


Jul. 28th, 2006 11:02 am
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The elevator lurched its way up to my floor this morning. Sorta scary. It was really more of a gentle bounce than a lurch, but still, that's not really desirable behavior in an elevator.

Rob said that he saw a waterspout this morning. He said it came in off the water and went over the east end of the island. Nobody really lives on the east end, much (although they are starting to build down there now), so hopefully it didn't do much damage. Most waterspouts are pretty weak, anyway.

(I did a search on Google Maps for "galveston flats" - The Flats being the local name for that area - and it worked, but I think it was trying to show me flats as in apartments, so it really only worked by accident. But if you want to see you can try it. What I'm talking about is the area marked "The Lagoon" on the Google map, the very east, or really northeast, end of the island.) (In Galveston, we normally ignore the fact that the island is crooked. Everybody pretends the island runs straight east-west, and adjusts their mental geography accordingly. It does simplify things a great deal.)

I had a mostly-very-frustrating evening - GuildWars had a huge download before you could play, which is a problem if you're in the dark ages and on dialup like me. (I've been toying with the idea of broadband, but I haven't given in so far.) There was a 15mb download with over 1500 files, then after you logged on there was another 12mb or so and another 1500+ files. Which is just ridiculous. The upshot of all that was that it was around 8:30 before I finally got to play. We did finally get the quest done to get us to the next mission in Cantha, Tahnnakai Temple. We didn't even consider trying to do the mission, it was too late by then. The frustrating thing is that all of these downloads mostly have to do with the preview for the new game which is this weekend, but the preview is PvP-only and I am not planning on participating at all. (Although it's going to be tempting to at least create a new character so I can see what they look like. The new game has a North-African theme, so you have Dervishes and... something else that I forget. Oh, Paragons, which don't seem to have a whole lot to do with North Africa. They're the ones with the pretty mother-of-pearl armor, though!)


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