Dec. 8th, 2006

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I am sorta kinda in the Christmas spirit. Our little white fake tree is up and decorated (we pull the cushion off our ottoman and set it on the wooden base, so it doesn't look so small). I will have to see if I can get a decent picture of it. It has white lights and ornaments of many colors - although if I thought I had enough orange stuff to do it I might try to emulate the tree in lucy's office building. I doubt that I could find enough small orange ornaments in all of Galveston to do that, though.

I've got a good many online people still to send cards to and I'm running out of cards that don't say "Christmas" on them. I know I have some more, somewhere. I don't mind sending the Christmas ones to my relatives (who are pretty uniformly Baptist) but I don't usually send those to other people. Next year I'm avoiding buying any at all that mention Christmas. It's not about Christmas at all to me, anyway, it's about the whole holiday season. I'm half-tempted to make my own cards next year - then I can say what I want! (But lord, if I do that I'd better start early. Really, really early. Like maybe July or so.)

Incidentally, while I'm on the subject, I will renew my offer I made once before - if you would like a card from me, let me know. Don't put your address in the comments since this post isn't locked - instead, e-mail it to mel(dot)crv(at)gmail(dot)com. You do not have to swear to reciprocate but I will give you my address on request, also. (Bear in mind that if I don't find that other box of cards, you may get wished a Merry Christmas whether you like it or not!)

At work, we took down the autumn decorations we had up, but we haven't got much in the way of Christmas yet. We had a nice big poinsettia courtesy of Administration, and I brought my tabletop ornament tree from home, and a basket of ball ornaments. It looks very pretty - another thing I will have to take a picture of - but we need some garland or something, at least. Everything looks bare overall.


Well, the Astros not only didn't get the new pitcher, they lost an old one. (Although actually it sounds like the proposed Garland trade was a factor in Pettitte's negotiations.)

Actually, you know what upsets me most about losing Pettitte? No more of those goofy HEB commercials with Clemens, Pettitte and David Carr. Seriously, they were funny. (Uh, not to slam Pettitte there by implying that his loss is nothing to me - I just never did think it was very likely he'd be back.)


Meme of the day (from[personal profile] iko):

Some grad students are doing an experiment to see how fast memes travel through the Internet and how willing people are to "sign up" for a game. In order to 'play', you need to get an invite.

Consider yourself officially invited!

If you follow the link, I gain points and the points trickle up to the person that invited me and so on. I'm not so interested in the points as to seeing what these researchers come up with. They don't require an email address (no chance to receive spam) and if you 'sign up' and update your own profile with a location, I will be able to see it on a map... and people who get invited by you and put their locations up, you'll see them on your map.

Holidailies gold


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