Dec. 16th, 2006

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I have not wanted to think much about Christmas itself - about gifts, to be specific. I bought several online and I know what I'm buying for some of the others, but I haven't wanted to actually go deal with buying things in person. I suppose at some point in the next week I'll go into panic mode and go get it done. I was intending to ask for a day off, or at least half a day, to do that sometime next week, but after I took half a sick day yesterday that's not seeming like such a good idea. (And we are off Friday, anyway. I can shop Friday if worse comes to worst.)

My mother's 20 days of rehab that Medicare is paying for are up sometime next week, too, and so we will have to make some sort of decision about that. I guess I will talk to Art about it tomorrow. I can't see that she is in good enough shape to go home. So I might end up having to take off an afternoon or something next week to go deal with all that, anyway. Maybe I can work some shopping in, if I have to go to Clear Lake anyway!

Mom and Art are apparently talking about going to Art's son's house for Christmas dinner - if they do that Rob and I may go up to my aunt's for one night, go up Christmas Eve and come back Christmas day. That's where I would prefer to be, because it just seems more like Christmas with the kids around and family and everything. I would rather Mom came too, but I don't think that's possible, so if she has somewhere else to go and she won't be sitting around the nursing home, then that might be the best possible division of things at this point, I think. The fact is, she doesn't seem to have much sense of time any more, anyway, so it doesn't matter so much to her.

I am feeling a little better today - just mostly very tired. I still have cold symptoms, of course, but not near as bad as yesterday.

Holidailies gold


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