Dec. 20th, 2006

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I made a list this morning at 5:00 when I couldn't go back to sleep.

(This is not all stuff that had to be done today.)

1. Pick up packages at office. (I can't believe I was home all day for two days and forgot about this!)
2. Get gift for Alison
3. Wrap presents
4. Call my aunt - ask if there's anything I should bring (and tell her we're definitely coming)
5. Barb - lunch with Bridget?
6. Kaffe Fassett book for Mom
7. Make fudge for Mom
8. Go to Sam's & get Band of Brothers for Daddy
9. Figure out if there's any gifts I'm forgetting.

Things to buy:
Wreckers CD for Alison
cough drops
stuff for fudge?
gift certificates: Parker, Art, Barbara?

Let's see, #1 is done - Rob picked me up at the front of the hospital so that let us get home a little earlier than we have been. The problem there is that the office closes at 5:30 on weekdays in the winter and it's hard for us to get home in time. I believe we had six packages waiting. Or it may have been 7. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Hancock's of Paducah (quilt shop), Exposures (photo doodads), and, uh, I forget what else. Maybe more Amazon.

One Amazon package was a book for my mother, and the quilt stuff was for her, too, which is good because Amazon screwed up the order I placed this morning and sent it regular shipping instead of two-day. Idiots. I sent them an indignant e-mail, now I'm going to be interested to see if they fix it.

#2, the Wreckers CD for my co-worker Alison, was a bit of a problem because Wal-Mart didn't have it - maybe I should've expected that since it's not new and not a huge best-seller. But I think I fixed that by buying an iTunes gift certificate instead, because I know they have it. I downloaded one of the songs off of it a while back. (And I didn't like it that much, actually, but that's Alison's problem.) Anyway, that one I did have to do today because we're exchanging gifts at lunch tomorrow, tomorrow being the last day we're working this year. (Hooray for that!) We go back on the 2nd.

3 & 4 on the list, I haven't touched yet. Actually, most of the numbered part I haven't. We did have lunch today with my ex-co-worker Bridget, which I enjoyed, somewhat to my surprise. (Long story, about exactly why I was surprised about that. I'm not going there tonight.)

I bought most of the other stuff on the list, except I didn't get all the fudge ingredients. I know I'm going to be going back to Wal-Mart at least one more time anyway, so I'm not worried about that. I got Wal-Mart gift certificates for my nephew Parker (he buys video games with them) and for Art (I don't know what he buys, but it's his preferred gift) but not for Barbara, my stepmother. She might be okay with a Wal-Mart gift card but I thought I would go for something a little more classy. Macy's, maybe, that's pretty safe. I still don't feel like I know her all that well.

So basically I'm down to loose ends, for the most part. Daddy and Barbara's gifts, but I'm not going to see them until up in the week next week. (I did talk to my dad today, and we couldn't even decide on a day, yet. "End of next week" was the closest we got.) Oh, I know one thing I forgot to put on the list - I have to go to Houston Garden Center and buy my aunt Linda a rosemary tree to take up there as a gift from my mom. it's funny, as sick as my mom is, she still manages to be demanding as hell from time to time. She demanded that I buy Linda AND myself one, actually. I will decide if I want one when I see them. I may ignore that part of the command if I don't like the way they look. (Also, it's going to be a very fragrant ride to Bryan with a rosemary tree in the car.)

I did actually feel pretty decent all day today. Didn't sneeze, didn't even cough much. Yay for small miracles.

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