Apr. 13th, 2007

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We have a big basket of leftover easter candy here at work - although it's now shrinking dramatically; people kept adding to it the first couple of days but now it's getting harder to find clearance easter candy. I keep finding myself eating the "candy sticks" - which seem to be identical to what used to be called candy cigarettes, except that they're no longer dyed red on one end to simulate the glow of a cigarette. (OK, I have eaten a few Reese's and the like too, I admit. But no Twizzlers or Whoppers, I don't do those.)

I looked for easter candy last night at Wal-Mart and no dice - they did have a few leftover chocolate bunnies and things but what was left looked like it was in pretty bad shape. Speaking of which, we need to find someplace else to shop for groceries for the summer, because Wal-Mart is already a zoo and school's not even out yet so it will just get worse. Frat boys buying beer, people stocking up for the week for their beach houses - living in a tourist town kinda sucks this time of year. Kroger's is usually less crowded but it's a lot more expensive, and the Galveston HEB is just crappy. Maybe we need to try out Randalls; I haven't been there in a while. It's probably just as expensive as Kroger's. (Randall's used to be an independent local chain but nowadays they are owned by Safeway, so maybe the pricing has changed, who knows.)

The aisle in Wal-Mart where the easter candy was has now been taken over by the Spiderman 3 marketing blitz. Toys, sheets, junk food, all kinds of crap. I also saw some Shrek merchandise here and there but for now, Spiderman is definitely winning. (I am completely uninterested so far in seeing the new Spiderman movie. I did go to see the first two but the whole franchise is not something I get excited about. And Tobey Maguire is so damn bland.)


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