Aug. 8th, 2007

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It's supposed to be really, really hot here - so much so that people in other parts of the country have asked me about it, I guess it's on the news - but we went out to lunch today and it wasn't so bad. There was a breeze, and the breeze felt reasonably cool, all things considered. I guess it must be further inland where it's so damn hot. We have the ocean breezes to cool us down here.

(I need some kind of an island icon. But I don't know what. Gilligan's Island would just be too dumb, don't you think?)

We turned the Presentation of Doom over to the Big Boss earlier, and so far he hasn't called back with any changes, which is very uncharacteristic of him, really. I worked until 7:30 last night, and I half expect him to come back at 4:30 or so with changes so I'll end up working late tonight too. (But hey, at this rate I'm gonna get most of Friday off, so it's not all bad.)

I'm going to have lunch with Art (my mother's boyfriend, remember him?) on Saturday. Which will work out well because Rob has to work Saturday and can't come with me to Mom's. Lunch will keep me from wimping out on going up there at all. We are getting close to having the top floor of the house completely emptied of everything but the furniture - the closets are empty, the drawers emptied out, everything like that. There's still the bottom floor to go but it didn't have as much junk in it in the first place so that should go faster.

I have to go to Clear Lake Friday, too, and I may go shopping on the way. I have an appointment with the investment guy at Chase about wrapping up estate stuff - big fun. But I may just go clothes-shopping. I have a wedding to go to on the 18th and I have no earthly idea what I'm wearing. I refuse to wear that top I bought for Mom's funeral - yuck. (As a matter of fact, I probably should just give it to Goodwill - I'm never going to want to wear it again. The associations are just too bad. I wear the pants and the shoes all the time - for some reason that's ok - but the top just screams "funeral" in my head.) I might even look for a dress. I haven't had a skirt on in 5 years or so, so that would really be an event.


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