Nov. 7th, 2007

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I got an e-mail at work today about a "webinar" - even if I was interested, I would refuse to do it just on principle, because that term is an abomination. And HP should know better.

Huh. Maybe I shouldn't be worrying about my weight so much after all.

I don't really mean that. By the definitions they are using in that article, I am obese rather than just overweight. Hell, I'd be happy just to be at the bottom end of obese. I am not worrying about getting to "normal" at all. And my reasons for wanting to lose weight have more to do with other considerations than with diabetes and heart disease, at this point, anyway. Speaking of which, I did gain a little weight this week, as I predicted - but only a little. Not even half a pound. I'm still holding steady at 13 pounds lost, which is fine.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and cropped and labeled more quilt pictures, and posted them earlier tonight. So that's another category down. Still lots to go. Instead of working on that more, though, I played GuildWars. I ran my necromancer Lily around Kurzick territory, to be specific.

Here, I guess my gratuitous picture of the day can be Guildwars: Lily in her rather-revealing new armor. And her Wicked Hat, of course.

Lily dressed for Halloween


mellicious: pink manicure (Default)

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