Jan. 6th, 2008


Jan. 6th, 2008 09:54 pm
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(Written Saturday)
I know I said I was done with the Vegas posts, but I keep thinking of little things. And I'm still sick(ish) so you have to bear with my whims, sorry! I've barely been out of the house for a whole week, for goodness sake. Apparently I have had the full-fledged flu - I had a flu shot ages ago but they said there's a strain going around that wasn't included in the shot this year, so that probably explains it. I am getting better, but slowly. I ended up calling in sick to work again yesterday so I sure hope I'm fit to go back on Monday. Seems like I ought to be, though.

For one thing, there turns out to be a Zumanity game online - you can see quite a bit of the "hula hoop" act if you're patient enough to mess with it - and more and more of "Julia" too, apparently. I wouldn't really call what I saw of it NSFW but it may get there eventually - I didn't get far enough along to be sure. I don't know that most people's work would approve much of that game - or at least of Julia's outfit! - in any case. Depends on your workplace, I guess. (You get an introduction by the lovely Antonio, for a bonus. And bits of the music, too.)

Also, apparently the Zumanity emcee is a guy named Joey Arias, who has been with the show from the beginning - four years - and is leaving as of the first of the year, so that means we saw one of his last performances.

(We are going to spend a night at Beau Rivage in April, when we go to Ohio, since we're flying Skybus out of Gulfport, anyway. I'm not holding my breath that we'll repeat our fabulous gambling luck, but oh well.)


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