Jan. 10th, 2008

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I have been reading "Wicked" and I finished earlier. I thought it ended awfully abruptly, although of course you knew all along how it had to end. (Although don't I recall somebody saying that they tinkered with the ending for the musical?) Anyway, I had had a previous try with it as a Book on Tape, and I only got about halfway through - but Books on Tape are problematic for me due to my very short commute. It takes ages for me to finish anything if I'm listening in the car, so I don't think it was that I didn't like it, exactly, I just lost steam. With the paperback I plowed right through it in a few days. I will have to start again and go slower. (I think that means that I liked it, don't you?)

Also, I never got around to saying that we went to see "Sweeney Todd" on Sunday - neither of us had seen the musical so we didn't exactly know what to expect, but we both liked it. But then we have always both been Tim Burton fans, and of course Rob loves things like Hammer films so that kind of Grand Guignol stuff is really right up his alley. I didn't have any problem with the singing - Johnny Depp turned out to be a better singer than Ms Bonham-Carter, definitely, but I thought her little wispy voice worked pretty well, on the whole.

We have shiny new digital cable so we have been watching BBC America and things like Indieplex, some. We watched two Torchwood episodes Saturday night, and then Graham Norton afterwards, which was really a hoot. I am not a Doctor Who fan in a huge way like some of you people on my f-list, so I wasn't sure whether I would get into Torchwood or not, but I like what I've seen so far. More X-Files-ish than Doctor-ish, on the whole.

And then[personal profile] nonelvis went and linked elsewhere to the trailer for the new series, which I couldn't bear not to watch. I know all the big Torchwood fans have seen it already, but there may be some Spike fans who have missed it, so I will see if I can get it to embed correctly (my first YouTube link!):


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