Feb. 9th, 2008

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We had the alternative station on in the car just now until they started playing too much rap for my taste - I guess I'm too old for rap or something, I've just never gotten too into it - so then we switched to the 80s station and they were playing something other than Journey and Billy Joel for a change - instead they were playing Billy Idol:

I started looking up music videos when I got home and I guess I was getting that video mixed up with this one (it makes much more sense with this song, I have to admit):

(Note: both these videos have been removed, but I think it was "Rebel Yell" and then "Dancing with Myself")

And then right before we got out of the car they were playing this:

This one gave me 80s flashbacks even in the 80s - well, that's not right, it made me homesick, that was what it was. The first time I saw it we were in Ann Arbor at some co-op thing and we started screaming (oh hush, I was 22 or so) because it was all filmed in Austin and part of it was filmed in our neighborhood. I know there are a number of Austin people on my friendslist, so they'll know what most of this means, even if nobody else does: at the time, I was living at The Ark Co-op (which I think now is just called Pearl St. Co-op, or something) and we had just bought a dormitory called Taos, at 26th & Guadalupe, and we were renovating it to become a co-op, which it did and has been for, well, an awful long time now! So anyway, that Burger King is the one across the street from Taos - although looking at it now I have no idea how we knew that. But at the time we were sure, and I imagine we were right, since we were spending a lot of time at Taos even before some of us moved there. I don't know if all those other places are still there - The Posse? or for that matter, that Burger King. It was the last time I went by there, though.


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