Sep. 24th, 2008

Island fun

Sep. 24th, 2008 09:27 pm
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If you want to know what we are looking at in going home, here's some stuff to look at:
(That first one is particularly fun.)

The upshot is that we probably have water and sewer, probably not electricity. We still don't know about the possible water in the apartment, of course. I think we are looking at living somewhere else at least until the electricity comes back on, even as a best case. And until we don't have to boil the water.
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Notes from the road:
-- Stuckey's is apparently not completely dead. On the way up we saw several "Stuckey's Express" places (Tennessee-ish, but I won't swear to which states exactly that was) but today we saw what was apparently a full-fledged Stuckey's in northwestern Missouri. We didn't stop to verify this, though.
-- There are actual bluffs in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
-- There is a chain of convenience stores - we mostly saw them around Des Moines - called Kum & Go, which utterly cracks me up. I can only think that they have been around long enough to pre-date porn culture - it just seems like one of those names you can't really get away with any more. I think it would have to have been grandfathered in, so to speak.
-- In Illinois there were Burma-Shave style signs in several places for several different things - many of them were for a pro-gun site called (I believe) gunssavelives-dot-com. (No way I'm linking to it directly.) Unfortunately I didn't think to write down any of the jingles.
-- We saw a big wind-farm apparently in the process of being built in central Iowa. I had seen a truck pass us earlier carrying one of the rotating arms for the things, and I was wondering what that huge white thing was, but I had no idea until I looked at the assembled one and noticed the resemblance. They are actually sort of creepy because they're so huge. I am sort of hoping we will see some that are actually functioning when we get into Kansas and Oklahoma tomorrow.
-- In the pantheon of chain restaurants commonly found along interstates, we have decided that Bob Evans is the star. And Cracker Barrel seems to be sliding further downhill. (I can't vouch for the rest of Bob Evans' menu, actually, but the crepes are stellar. So all I ever eat is the combo with sausage, eggs and a crepe. I have tried the crepes out in blueberry, strawberry and apple varieties and they are all good.)
-- Iowa was much prettier than I expected - I think I thought it would be flat. It's pretty because of the hills. Monotonous, but pretty.

Oh, also, we crossed the river into Omaha, mostly just so we could cross a state off our list (Rob has entered into this nonsense too, btw) and we saw Rosenblatt Stadium, where they have the College World Series. So we thought that was cool.

Tomorrow? KC, Topeka, then take the turnpike down towards Oklahoma. I believe our hotel reservations tomorrow are in Ardmore. And we may start buying some of those fun necessities from those lists we posted earlier (mosquito repellant, etc) before we get to Texas.


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