Sep. 28th, 2008

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We're leauing galveston now, since there's still a curfew. Apartment is not inhabitable, but most of our stuff is ok. More later.
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Okay, so. The apartment has water but no power, and it's still damp enough that I doubt they would turn the power back on anyway. We are going to have to find another place to live for a while. (We may or may not go back there, we don't know that at this point.) Hell, we don't even have a place to stay tomorrow, at the moment, although there are a couple of last-ditch places we could crash if it came right down to it, so don't worry about us. We are at a decent Econolodge in Pasadena, right now, with wi-fi, as you see. I was probably a bit too complacent about the hotel thing. It's worse than I thought, obviously.

Anyway. About 75% of our belongings are salvageable, maybe more. One of the computers even looks ok, I think. We can't quite figure out how much water was in the apartment, because different places seem to indicate different things. Most of the furniture looks like it only got wet at the bottom, a couple of inches, maybe. It looks like water came in at the windows, and at least some of the roof blew off of various buildings in our complex so some water may have come down from inside the walls or something like that. It's just hard to tell. Oh, and my car may be totalled - it definitely had water in it, anyway. I guess it depends on how wet the engine got, ultimately.

You can tell we haven't quite processed it all yet. We have to find an apartment and maybe buy some new furniture and arrange for a mover for the old stuff... and I guess we need to shut off the utilities, officially, although I doubt think they are charging us right now anyway - I even got e-mails from Comcast and Netflix saying we wouldn't be charged and/or would get a credit. I am avoiding making a to-do list because I think that will just overwhelm me completely. There are some inhabitable apartments left in our complex, so we might be able to get one of those. Or we can check on the mainland. I guess I will try to call an apartment locator in the morning. And we are just going to go back to Galveston in the morning, early, and see how much we can get done tomorrow, considering that Rob has to go back to work Tuesday.

(My sister said, "At least your life is interesting!" I don't think she was really being ironic, either.)
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Oh, but the good news is, we don't have to clean out the refrigerator. Not our problem.

Yay, hotel

Sep. 28th, 2008 10:50 pm
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In case anybody is worried about the whole roof-over-our-heads thing, the LaQuinta right down the road from us has apparently reopened and we got reservations for the whole week. So at least we won't have to be driving up to kingdom come every night!! (Kingwood, actually. We almost got reservations at a hotel in Kingwood, which is a heckuva long way away.) Hopefully by the end of the week we will have an actual place to live, I think we are getting sick of hotels.

Odds are that the Galveston LaQuinta does not have internet at the moment, though. (Hmm, wonder if Starbucks has theirs back on yet.)


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