Oct. 19th, 2008

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I have to say some nice words about some organizations that don't too often get nice words - like FEMA and my insurance company. Besides the fact that FEMA has already given us money, they actually called yesterday to find out if we had housing and we weren't living in our car or anything. And practically at the same time, State Farm's Total Loss Division called to tell me how much they were giving me on my car, and it was very fair. So I am very happy with both of them. I am also happy with the credit union, who got the title on my car to me in one day, when I asked.

I am finally feeling better today. My sinuses just went nuts this week. I didn't so much as get any unpacking done the two days I stayed home, I felt so bad. It's really par for the course for me to have trouble with them this time of year, but it's still annoying as hell.

We had lunch with my aunt and uncle today - they were in town (from Idaho) for my aunt's 50th high-school reunion. We drove over to Alvin for lunch; it's barely a 15-minute drive over there now.

I signed up for NaBloPoMo again. What the heck, it's a tradition now. And I've been posting darn near every day anyway. (And may my life not be quite as interesting as it has been lately, the next couple of months. I'm not sure I can take much more interesting-ness.)

And hey, hook 'em Horns!


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