Nov. 23rd, 2008

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We went for the first time today to the Star Cinema Grill, which I guess you'd say is built on the Alamo Drafthouse model, i.e., combination restaurant/bar/movie theater. (I've never actually been to an Alamo Drafthouse, but I gather that's what they are, basically.) And we liked it. It's actually the closest movie theater to us, although the big Cinemark is only a couple of blocks further. The admission prices were slightly cheaper than the Cinemark, and the food was pretty good. Of course, it ended up costing more in the end than we usually spend at the Cinemark, but we got a full meal in the bargain so I guess it evens out. And the full meal was fairly reasonably priced, unlike the popcorn and cokes we usually get anywhere else.

What we went to see was Bolt, which was cute although not anything extraordinary. It was made by Disney but has very much Pixar-style animation, so it looked like a Pixar movie but read more like a Disney movie as far as plot, etc. It's totally worth seeing, especially if you're into animation. Just don't expect Wall-E, quality-wise. (It also made me want a puppy. Of course, I don't really want a puppy, I just want to play with one for a while. Somebody needs to open a rent-a-puppy business.)


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