Jan. 5th, 2010

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I am trying to get some studying done, but it's not going all that well. I need a way to shut all the rest of the internet off except for the parts I need for class. This is the reason I do a lot of studying at Starbuck's and such places, but unfortunately I have to get on the computer sometimes, and if I take the laptop to Starbuck's that's just taking the problem with me. (The real problem being, of course, that I have no self-discipline. And that's pretty insoluble.)

I used this icon on my post last night, and it really fills me with nostalgia. I don't know if it was the very first LJ icon I ever used, but it was certainly one of the early ones. And it was my default for a long time - I think I eventually decided that "shut the goddamn hell up" was not really the message I wanted to be sending in general, though.

I suspect that Holidailies ending (tomorrow, that is) will help my productivity just a bit - I've been spending a good bit of time writing entries that could have been studying time. However, I have so very many ways to procrastinate that I probably will just spend that time doing something much more useless, like playing a Facebook game or something. At least with Holidailies I know some people are reading! I'm always sorry when Holidailies ends, though - I miss reading all those new and different people, as well as the regular entries from people who don't normally post near that much.

I am listening to Christmas music, believe it or not - I had bought some music that I never got around to listening to (the Leroy Anderson Christmas album, for one) and it seems wrong somehow to wait a whole year before I listen to it. I am cheating a bit by skimming over the ones I like less, though. -- And good lord, I have over 300 tracks of Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal music (that's how I know, I have a smart playlist set up that picks up those three genres). I knew I had a lot but I didn't know that it was quite that bad!


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