Dec. 6th, 2013

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I haven't mentioned Christmas much so far in Holidailies - well, I guess I talked about gift-shopping the other day, but that's all - and I thought today I would mention the tree I have up this year, which is one of these pop-up things - specifically, the silver one with the multicolor dots. It's very apartment-friendly. It comes in a small flat box, and it has a metal frame inside and something that looks like those ties they put on sales tags holding the tinsel bits together. It's about a foot wide and five feet tall. And it doesn't need decorating, or lights. Our living room is a mess but at least we have acknowledged the holidays in a small way. (I will put some lights outside and such when I get around to it, which really ought to be soon, I guess.)
Neither one of us is religious but we were both brought up to celebrate Christmas (Rob was brought up Methodist and I was Baptist). We celebrate it in as nonreligious a way as we can manage but we do celebrate it. For us it's about family and cheerfulness at a time of year that could use it, and even joy, where we can find it. I tend to associate the concept of joy with religion, but there are other kinds of joy. We just have to find them, right?

(I'll take a picture of the tree later, hopefully. Right now I'm sleepy and I'm going to bed!)



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