Sep. 16th, 2016

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Let's get the controversial part over with - yes, we did go see Suicide Squad for a second time, and dammit, we enjoyed it too. I don't know why I like this movie that everybody else (particularly the critics) hates, but I do. Question: Do you think some of the hate for this movie has to do with (a) people's feelings about Leto and/or (b) the size of the Joker's role? I feel like that Joker-related feelings of some sort must seriously factor into it. People don't like Leto or don't think he should've been the Joker, or else they wanted to see more Joker and are upset that his role was so small. I actually had read a bunch of stuff about this movie along about the time that first trailer came out, and one of the subjects discussed there was how likely it was that the Joker's role was not as big as people seemed to think. So I was sort of prepared for his role to possibly be smaller, and also - I hate to say it but it's true - I'm not a Joker fan to the degree that a lot of people seem to be. So I really didn't mind a bit that he was a minor-ish character.


Re Kubo: it's awesome. Go see it immediately while it's still to be found in the theaters.

(I'm sure I would have more to say about this subject but it's very late and I'm exhausted and maybe some other time.)


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