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I'm all excited because my caladiums are coming up. (See picture below.) It practically made my day, last night when I saw them - and for that matter my day rather needed making, because I woke up with a massive sinus headache yesterday morning. Ugh. I guess it's that time of year, and I should feel lucky my sinuses waited all the way til the first of April to remind me forcibly of their presence, but that (feeling lucky, I mean) is easier said than done.

I am trying to mail some jewelry in one of those cardboard Priority Mail boxes, and it really, really bothers me that the space for the stamp is on one side of the box and the space to write the address in is on the opposite side. That just seems wrong. But I guess that's how they want you to do it! (Silly post office.)

Meanwhile, I made a bunch of jewelry, including another watch. I got the scanner to work in color this time, so I'll post the picture of that below, too.

Here's the watch - the beads are fire-polished Czech glass:
Watch #2
(I don't like this face quite as much as that oval one that I used before, but it's not bad.) (Sorry, no other jewelry pictures right now!)

Here's the baby caladiums - note that there are more popping up over on the left. This was a mixed bag, literally, so they're not all going to be the same color.
baby caladiums!

and here's the rest of my "garden" - which is doing really well considering the level of benign neglect it's gotten all winter. I have a few more plants on the front porch but it's too shady and they aren't flourishing like these are.
The back porch, april 08
I rescued that begonia off of my mother's deck - it was practically the only thing in a pot that survived the long, lonely summer over there - and it's really been growing. That diffenbachia that you can barely see down at the far end has really grown a lot too. The other pink flowered thing is a cyclamen which is kind of getting flowered out - they never do well once it warms up, here. (And the Norfolk pine was the one I bought at Christmas - it still has a little residue of glitter on the branches!)


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