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I've been trying not to buy other people's jewelry since I've been making my own, but I broke down over this pair of earrings. It's a bit of a problem - I have been spending a lot of time on Etsy looking at jewelry, because I'm probably going to end up selling stuff there eventually and it's helpful to know what other people are making - but I have to resist the urge to actually buy stuff, unless it's something I can make more jewelry with, i.e., beads. However, I said my rule was that it had to be something I couldn't make myself, and those weren't, because I don't have access to those beads. And for that matter, those look like beads that would be pretty expensive when & if I did manage to find them. So I am not feeling too horribly guilty.

I never have gotten around to saying that I did make a jewelry weblog, although there's not a lot there yet. But I dunno, making a specialized blog worked pretty well for the quilt weblog so it seemed like a good idea to do the same for this. The latest thing I posted there came from [info]columbina, who linked to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories earlier - which it turned out I bookmarked sometime in 2006, but I had forgotten about - and they had the cutest fractal earrings. I can't imagine actually making them myself, but they're still cute. (A reaction I often had to quilts, as well. Say, this one.) 


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