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(Wednesday night)
We actually got to take our stuff out of our trunk today and put it in the new apartment. Some of that stuff had been in there one day short of three weeks. That whole trunkful of stuff looked like nothing at all once we got it inside, funny how that works.

We really like the apartment, although as I've said, I think we're going to loathe the commute. But it has a LOT of light, especially in the bedrooms, and I do like that. It has a balcony that goes all the way across the two bedrooms. If I thought we were staying there longer than six months I would actually buy chairs for the balcony, I think.

We spent the afternoon running around spending money. We went to Container Store, Ikea and Gallery Furniture. Rob got very frustrated with Ikea, but we found a bed that we really liked. We also bought some odds and ends like trash cans there. The bed is a queen size, which is not what we had before and so that means we are going to buy bedlinens, but nothing at Ikea grabbed me. I bet I am going to end up with a bed-in-a-bag from someplace. (Don't those usually have dust ruffles in them, though? This bed is a platform bed so we don't actually need a dust ruffle. But oh well. It's still probably cheaper than buying separate pieces.)

We still don't actually have a mover. I have GOT to get on the stick and start calling movers tomorrow. I didn't see any point in doing it until the new address was official, and Rob was gung-ho on getting the furniture shopping over with so that's what we did today. But if we don't get that stuff out of there soon more of it is going to become unsalvageable.

Oh, I had swedish meatballs in the IKEA cafe for lunch. (Rob had penne.) And lingonberries, which were good. I don't think I'd ever had them before.

Since we'd already gotten a bed, all we absolutely had to buy at Gallery Furniture was a rocker for Rob, because he cannot live without one and the one we had was terribly moldy when we got back and has already been carted away. We bought him a nice Lane swivel rocker. I'm not sure how we are going to get the old apartment cleaned out because we are going to have to spend all our time waiting for deliveries and utility people the next few days - Gallery Furniture tomorrow (they wanted to do it tonight, but we were like, y'know, galveston? curfew?), Ikea Friday and cable (yay) on Saturday.

And we bought a media center at the Container Store, to match our iron bookcases which came through the flood pretty well. (We might have to sand the feet a bit later.) And also some boxes and newsprint. Rob went through a whole Sam's Club pack of boxes (18 of them) packing books and DVDs yesterday. We still have too damn many books, even though quite a few have had to go in the trash. We bought some small boxes - I think they were 12x12x12" - and I started packing plates - first the everyday ones and then grandma's china. That's a pretty good size for dishes, it doesn't get too heavy.

I was cleaning out all the random pieces of paper in my purse - much of it written on hotel notepads - and one thing was a page (of two, I think) for a going-back-to-Galveston supply list:

insect repellant
cutter backyard mosquito fogger (recommended by somebody-or-other)
lots of water
boots (rubber)

I got most of this stuff out of lists in the paper and on the City of Galveston website, I think. We never did get any boots but we got most of the rest of this stuff - although I have worn my mask for a total of maybe a minute and a half. They are very hot.

Another piece of paper was the phone numbers of apartment locators, which we never used, of course. Yet another piece of paper was phone numbers and confirmation numbers for hotels.

Speaking of that curfew, I just looked out the window and there are NO cars on the Seawall. It's kind of eerie. Technically the curfew starts at 6:00, and frankly nobody has been paying much attention to that, other than that business have been closing down by then. But evidently after dark it's a different matter.

For those of you who are terribly efficient and want to update your address books, here is the new address:
Friendswood TX

(No new phone number yet, I called while ago and apparently AT&T does not run to 24-hour service lines. I will have to try again tomorrow.)

(Also, we are practically right across the street from the Friends Church, after which the town is named. Every other thing in our neighborhood is named "Quaker" something - streets, apartment buildings, subdivisions.)

I keep going "and another thing" - but I just thought of something else I haven't talked about. nonelvis had mentioned that LaQuinta was updating and sort of swankifying some of their locations, and I am theorizing that the hurricane caught this one in mid-update. This is a pretty new hotel in the first place - I think only a couple of years old or maybe less - and our room is a nice sort of junior suite thing, I guess you'd call it. (I am old fashioned and I think that a "suite" means something with a real living room, with a door that separates it from the living room, but I know that's not the usage these days.) This room has an archway in the middle with a nice desk sort of underneath, and on the far side of the archway is a little living area with a couch - which may be a sleeper sofa, I'm not sure about that - and a table and a couple of chairs. It's a fairly nice room, really, much swankier than I think of LaQuintas being. And the bathroom is pretty nice. There are a couple of little glitchy things that makes me think that this was hastily re-done, though, which fits in with what nonelvis was saying about it.

(Sorry about all the long entries with no cuts, but I have plenty of time to write in the evenings, and when I post it always seems to be in a hurry. Boy I can't wait to have my internet access back!)

Date: 2008-10-02 07:50 pm (UTC)
nonelvis: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nonelvis
LQ's website does have the Galveston hotel on its list of newly renovated properties. A fully renovated Inn & Suites (not the same as an Inn) will look something like this.

I'm glad the furniture shopping is going well, but more important, I hear you and [ profile] columbina have a WoW date set for Saturday.


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