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I am typing on the laptop, which we have installed on a folding table, and I'm sitting on a folding chair, both of which we bought at Wal-Mart earlier. The chair is quite comfortable, actually. We are watching Titanic - I think it's on TNT - just because we flipped by a few minutes ago right when the boat was sinking. (Actually it was already on before we left for Wal-Mart. Long damn movie.) The TV is still sitting on the floor even though it's sitting right next to the new "media center" thing we bought. We're still figuring out where we want to put it exactly, and the TV is damn heavy. Rob carried it into the house and he's really strong but he barely made it, I think. If I'd known it was that bad I wouldn't've let him do it. Anyway, internet and cable, the things that matter. And our new mattress is on the floor, with new sheets on it and my mom's pretty batik quilt. We only bought a sheet set instead of a bed-in-a-bag because I decided we didn't really need a comforter that badly when we had the quilt, anyway. I'll wait til I find something I really like a lot.

The guy is coming to assemble the bed on Monday. No way I was doing it myself when we have to sleep on it for years.

We played WoW for a while this afternoon, but it was hardly the anticipated marathon. Oh well - life is just not quite back to normal yet. We met the cable guy and bought masses of groceries (at HEB) and then went and made a run by Wal-Mart too, for more pillows and the chair and things like that. I had bought a couple of pillows at Ikea the other day, but I am a multiple-pillow sort of person and I decided we needed more. There are some kind of asthma and allergy-friendly ones, I thought that sounded promising. We could have tried to salvage the old ones - they were dry, after all - but that seemed like asking for trouble. I did salvage the couch cushions (which were scotchguarded and completely unmoldy as far as I can tell) but I draw the line at something that goes right under my head.

I feel a bit guilty about not having gone to Galveston today but we were exhausted and I think we needed the day away. Tomorrow we are doing marathon packing to make up for it. If we both end up working all week it might be the last we can do before the movers come on Thursday. Whatever's not done then we will just have to get them to help us with. Hopefully we can knock a lot of it out, though.

They were supposed to come pick up my car today - I guess we will see in the morning if it's gone or not. State Farm has a "facility" somewhere around here where they are taking all the non-driveable cars until they can be evaluated. Then they will let me know. I anticipate it being totalled - as somebody said in comments, it's hard for the electrical system to ever be reliable again after that much water.


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