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(Maybe I should put this behind a cut since this involves explosions and oral surgeons and other fun things and it's liable to get long.)


I'm having a good time hunting for Oyster Eggs in KoL. I have been bitching all week about how ambivalent I am about Easter, so it's nice to see somebody else being appropriately flippant about it. (I started to say "blasphemous" instead of "flippant", except that I don't know that there's anything particularly blasphemous about Oyster Eggs, really.)

OK, let's back up. I don't know when I last wrote but it hasn't been in the last few days, for sure. (Monday? Monday rings a bell.) Hmm, Tuesday I don't even remember, particularly - oh yeah, I do, sort of, because our New Girl started at work. I don't really love it when new people start, because they cause me a lot of work. But she seems nice enough.

Wednesday Rob had an appointment with the oral surgeon to have two teeth out. I had to go with him because he was having general anesthesia. The appointment was at 9:30 and they assured us that it was only supposed to take 30 minutes, so I was thinking I could get him home and be back to work by 11 or so, assuming all went well. Well, of course that didn't happen. They called before we left the house and said to wait an hour before we came, and then when we got there we still had to wait over an hour. So it was about 11:45 before he finally got called. (I could basically have worked all morning if I'd known, and saved myself the vacation time. But I guess there's no help for that.) He did get out about 12:30 so they weren't too far off on the half-hour estimate. He was awfully groggy, of course, but he seemed alright. We had to go by and get his prescriptions for antibiotics and pain pills (two prescriptions: $8 and change. WTF? Are these sugar pills or something?)

Anyway, so we went by & got something for me to eat and I took him home and sat down to eat my lunch, and while I was eating the whole north wall of the building shook. I had a pretty good idea what it was, because I'd felt something similar before, and I was right. It was an explosion in Texas City. (There was a smaller one, a long time ago - jesus, must be something like 17 years ago, because Rob and I were still newlyweds. That's what I remembered. Not the big one when practically all of Texas City blew up. That was too long ago for me.) This time it was plenty bad enough - 15 people were killed at the BP-Amoco plant. You've probably seen it on the news.

(You know, I hardly ever think much about living near this stuff - meaning all those chemical plants - I'm just used to it. Maybe I should.)

I talked to my sister tonight. Finally. I called her weeks ago and she never called me back. I figured, what with the divorce and everything, she was probably pretty talked out. But boy, she was in a talkative mood tonight. She was talking in therapy-speak more than ever - all this stuff about how she can only control what she does, not what everybody else does, bipolar co-dependent blah blah blah. (Not that that's not true about the control, you understand, it's just that I'm not really clear on why it took her so long to figure that out! Oh well.) (And yeah, she really does talk like that. Well, without the "blah blah blah" part.)

I had some other stuff I was going to talk about, but I can't even think what it was, now. If I remember, I'll come back to it later!


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