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I turned on the computer early this afternoon, intending to write an entry about Half a Crown, and my computer did not boot. The power came on, the fan came on (really loudly), but no booting going on whatsoever. I guess it's a measure of what my life's been like lately that after about a dozen tries at it, I gave up and went into the bedroom where the laptop was and bought a new computer from Dell. I'm like, hell with that. Actually when I told him about it tonight, Col said that the fact that it didn't boot at all was a really bad sign, so that makes me feel like that wasn't quite as rash as I thought, maybe. That computer was above the waterline during Ike - but probably not very far above, and really it doesn't surprise me terribly that it crapped out. Oh well. One more little thing to lay at Ike's door. (The good news? Do you know how good a cheap desktop is nowadays? Even better than a year ago, particularly the memory - 4 gb. Whee. Of course that's counterbalanced by the fact that it has Vista, which will suck up most of that.)

Well, okay, so. Half a Crown. I should have known better than to start reading it at midnight last night. I read til three and then I picked it up this morning when I woke up and read til I finished. It was really good and
I really liked the ending a lot. I was, frankly, expecting many more deaths. Plus, Queen Elizabeth saves the day! How can you beat that?
(I really intended to write a much longer "review" than that, but events intervened. I'm tired.)


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