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I feel like my life is really boring right now. I mean, it's not so boring for me, living it, but it just doesn't provide much in the way of interesting things to write about, now that we're out of Galveston and I am working at home and things have settled down. (I am not complaining about the settling down. Thank goodness for that.)

We had the day off, so I slept late - later than I meant to, really - and then we went and had lunch at Jason's Deli and went to Target and by the Toyota dealership to pick up my license plates, since we discovered that my temporary ones had expired. (Has it really been that long already?) The main thing at Target was to look at Christmas decorations. We have a huge balcony that is visible from the street - it's the only one on that side of the complex that is, really - and apparently there is a contest, and while I am not so much aiming at winning the contest, I definitely want things to at least look festive. We ended up buying two four-foot prelit artificial trees in pots, because they were on sale and that seemed like a good place to start. I want things to look festive but I also don't really want to spend a fortune on this. I may do the trees and some lights and decorate my Norfolk pine that's left over from last year, and hope that's enough. We'll see. (Oh, and there's also apparently not a power outlet on the porch,which makes it more difficult.)

WoW is down and I just spent nearly an hour talking to my father on the phone. So I'm having an exciting evening to go with the rest of my exciting life! Actually the phone conversation was pretty interesting, in an oh-my-god-my-arm-is-going-to-sleep sort of way. Among other things, we had an Obama argument, but it ended fairly amicably. He is convinced that Obama is on the big banks' payroll, somehow, but he also agreed (to my surprise) that Obama means well, and is going to do his best to sort things out. Also he invited us for Thanksgiving, and I said (like I did last year) that I'd think about it. Unlike last year, I might actually consider it. Or we might just stay home like we did last year, I don't know. Rob expressed willingness to go, which is sort of unusual, really. In the past he has been a big advocate of the quiet Thanksgiving.

As far as WoW, it was down because mail was down, according to the home page. Um, mail? We couldn't do without mail for a coupla hours? Anyway, they are bringing it back up shortly, is the latest word. (I'll believe it when I see it.)


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