Nov. 12th, 2008 10:52 pm
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I knew I shouldn't have said things were settling down. Of course I knew layoffs were still on the table, everybody did - but I guess I didn't expect that announcement to come so soon. And no, I have no idea whether my job is going to be included or not. None whatsoever, really. For all I know, my whole department could be getting eliminated. (We think, however, that my husband's may be okay.)

In other news:
So the pettiness was no one's fault, there was just a big pettiness storm and everyone got "caught up" in it. Which is why she pettily accused Obama of having friends who were terrorists, and he replied, equally pettily, "No I haven't."

(I am going to stop reading American newspapers and only read British ones. Seriously. They are so much more interesting.)

The map at the top of this page is really interesting, too - the US is, imagine this, purple. Yeah, there are bits of red and bits of blue, but on the whole - purple. I dunno, somehow I find that reassuring. More people are meeting in the middle than you think.

Actually, on that subject - I said to my dad last night, in the middle of the conversation about Obama, that I was a liberal, and my dad said, "No, you're not." Which sort of took me by surprise. Well, of course, he listens to Sean Hannity and that ilk, so he thinks liberal is a bad word and I guess he thinks he's defending me or something by saying I'm not - even if that doesn't make much sense when I self-identify as liberal. That's just a dad thing, I think. But I also usually qualify that as "liberal by Texas standards" so maybe it comes to the same thing.

Date: 2008-11-13 07:19 pm (UTC)
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Oh, ugh. Fingers crossed for you and Rob.


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