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I'm still stewing about holiday decorations, to a remarkable degree - especially when it's still not even Thanksgiving. I bought another string of solar lights at Sam's today, quite expensive ones, because the ones that I got before hadn't ever been working, even though I"ve had them out on the balcony soaking up daylight all week. Then I went out on the balcony after dark tonight and figured out why they weren't working. The little solar panels have a sensor on them so they know when it's light and when it's dark, and the lights only come on after dark. Only there's a big floodlight right outside our balcony - it's around the corner where it doesn't shine in our window much, which is why I hadn't paid much attention to it - and it was shining right on the solar panels. The minute I moved the solar panels where that light wasn't blazing right onto them, the lights came on. So now I have to decide whether to take the Sam's ones back. The Sam's ones are big sort of old-fashioned looking (LED) lights, where the other ones (which came from Target) are little tiny things. And the big ones are pretty cute, so now I'm waffling about this again. I may experiment around with them next week and see which I like best in the field, as it were.

Let's see, what else? I also bought I am Legend at Sam's - it was under $10 and Rob liked it pretty well, so I figured that'd make a pretty good gift. Oh, and I bought  a Christmas cactus. They had really pretty ones and I have a weakness for plants, anyway. I did bring two plants home from work that belonged to me - in a way I was being petty, I was like, they can decorate the outer office for themselves, dammit. But I figure a bit of pettiness is allowed. And I like those plants, although whether they'll survive the winter on the balcony is rather iffy. I am spoiled by Galveston weather and never bring my plants in. (And the weather 20 miles inland is different enough that it may make a difference - the few degrees between a hard freeze and no hard freeze, at least.)

I am feeling much better today, and I did do a few useful things, in between the trip to Sam's and watching Shakespeare in Love (which I bought on iTunes for, I think, $4.99, if that interests anybody) and playing WoW. I tried to make a doctor's appointment, even, although whoever was watching the phones at the clinics today couldn't make appointments, which makes me worry that all the real employees were off somewhere finding out who was getting laid off. Still one more day of layoffs to go, too, on Monday. They sure are ruining a lot of people's Thanksgivings.


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